Nature/description of genetic information: Meiosis - overview

Genetic information is halved. The alleles for each trait are separated, assuring one member of each pair in daughter cells.

Keeping track of:: Meiosis - overview

Each chromosome pair* is halved independently of the others.

*In the case of higher ploidy, there will be more than two chromosomes

Context/Location: Mitosis - overview

In the nucleus of eukaryotes; in the cytoplasm of prokaryotes.

Nature/description of genetic information: Mitosis - overview

Genotype is faithfully duplicated and transmitted to daughter cells.

Context/Location: Meiosis - overview

Occurs in the nucleus of eukaryotes.

Keeping track of:: Mitosis - overview

One copy of each duplicated chromosome/DNA double helix distributed to daughter cells. See Replication.

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